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Talking Tech In The New Issue Of TEF Circle

Editor’s Note.

Africa’s tech ecosystem has seen an enormous boom over the past five years. This is a redundant statement by many measures, I know. Still, it doesn’t negate that young Africans across the continent have been paving the way for a vibrant tech economy. Founders, young and old, but mostly, excitingly young, are building the most daring products. They are constantly reimagining our ideas of how life is and what it can come to be.

From apps offering simplified payment processes to those facilitating decentralised financial systems. Domestic automatons are also not left untapped, from ride-hailing services to food delivery options. There are also software products zeroing in on the creator market, providing the tools and services necessary for building the continent’s next content creators. In this issue of TEF Circle, we take a look at some of these products and people, particularly tech founders and entrepreneurs who are also esteemed members of our alumni and whose businesses were duly supported or were even able to see the light of day from the funding and mentorship provided by the Tony Elumelu Foundation. We also explore the place of remote work in Africa today, speaking with a few young Africans working in tech on navigating the reality of working for companies outside their home countries; what are the challenges, what are the upsides, what does this mean for local industry players, we ask. 

Also in this issue, we bring you closer to our TEF-Google fellows who have spent the past six months working tirelessly to improve our proprietary site for entrepreneurs, TEFConnect. While some share their experiences in 150 words (we thought a little challenge would be nice and wow, did they rise to it!) others walk us through a day-to-day experience of their time at the fellowship. We also bring you interesting insights on inclusive technologies and how tech affects women.

I hope you enjoy reading this issue, it was worked on with a lot of love and passion.

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  • ~ Nelson C.J

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