• Jessica Allogo

    Jessica Allogo

    Jessica Medza Allogo is at the founder of of “Les Pots de l’Ogooue”, a Gabonese confectionery that produces jams made from local fruits in fond in her home country of Gabon. Before starting her business, Jessica worked for 10 years in the petroleum sector in Gabon and Asia where she acquired solid knowledge in process …

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  • Msindazwe Ndhlovu

    Botswanan entrepreneur Msindazwe Ndhlovu founded The Noble Savage, a company that recycles waste plastic and waste glass to manufacture alternative eco-friendly building materials which are lighter, stronger, durable, and affordable. The company makes roofing tiles, and other material by utilising mixed post-consumer waste plastic and blending it with sand to create a polymer resin bonded product …

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  • Bethelhem Dejene Abebe

    Bethelhem Dejene Abebe is the Co-founder and CEO of Zafree Papers, a company that is introducing a 100% tree-free paper pulp made from agricultural waste. Based in Ethiopia, Bethelhem’s company, Zafree makes pulp, paper and paper products 100% free from trees by using agricultural waste as an input instead of wood. The company operates in …

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  • Juliet Namujju

    Juliet Namujju is the CEO of Kimuli Fashionability, a Ugandan fashion label on a mission to create a world made better with recyclable fashion. Her story started with the loss of both her parents at an early stage of her life. While growing up, her grandmother who was a tailor taught her how to sew …

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  • Funmi Martinson

    Oduku Funmi Martinson

    Funmart’s Blends and Desserts is a bakery and smoothies manufacturing company founded on the platform of solving the Social Development Goals 3 and 10. SDGs Goal 3 – Good Health and Well-Being SDGs Goal 5 – Gender Equality    

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  • Jean-Hugues Houinsou

    Jean- Hugues is the Founder of La Vedette,  a media agency in Benin that specialises in social media marketing, search engine advertising and display networks affiliated with Google, website development. Since Jean-Hugues completed the TEF Programme, he has been able to set up a physical location for La Vedette, employ 4 people, develop the targeted …

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  • Timothy Manji Bemana

    Timbio Enterprise is a startup focused on producing liquid soap, petroleum jelly, hard soap and toiletries.

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  • Alagun-Belema

    Belema Alagun

    Belema Alagun, CEO of Britts Foods a start-up focused on delivering the best of sandwiches and smoothies to customers. Belema is one of the 1,000 selected TEF entrepreneurs from 54 African countries. She started her business in a small one-bedroom apartment and has been able to transform her business to a point where they own …

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  • Leroy Mwasaru

    Profile As a high school student of Maseno School, Young Leroy Mwasaru started Greenpact when his school faced a problem of a faulty sewer system. The sewer problem polluted nearby sources of domestic water for the neighboring community, sparking a demonstration against the school. In a bid to provide a solution to this problem, Leroy …

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  • Kimberly Addison

    Kimberly Addison

    ’57 is the pioneer bean to bar chocolate business in Ghana defined by creativity and authenticity. ‘57 Chocolate is short for 1957, the year of Ghana’s independence. This venture uses resources grown within the country to create delicious treats. ’57 hones in on Ghana’s Independence Day spirit and challenges the status quo that premium chocolate …

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