• Chris-Kwekowe, Tony Elumelu Entrepreneur

    Chris Kwekowe

    We provide company-informed business solutions for SME’s and large scale enterprises. We also offer an extensively innovative approach towards providing technology solutions for business, education, family and even technology enthusiast. Our solutions include web development, applications development (top platforms including android, iOS and windows), custom branding, media logistics, Educational Software solutions and Business Software solutions.

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  • Everlyn Imunde

    Everlyn Imunde

    Realtime Fifty Four Holdings is a graphic design, printing, branding and publishing company that offers cutting edge solutions to all visual communication needs. Over the years Realtime54 has distinguished itself as a visuals communications provider of repute handling heavy and demanding work volumes. We also have a training centre where we produce high quality professionals …

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  • Paul Nyambe

    Paul Nyambe

    Zamgoat Meat Products is an innovative, market-driven and socially-inclusive Zambian agribusiness, poised to be industry leader in the processing and distribution of quality goat products and services and, hence also supporting rural livelihoods in Zambia. Zamgoat operates across the goat sector value chain and is built on an innovative and integrated business model, which endeavors …

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  • silhouette headshot women

    Risikat Temidayo

    On the completion of her undergraduate studies, Risikat Temidayo realized that there was no white-collar job that interested her and as a result, ventured into the business of producing soaps and cosmetics. Her business, Composite Ventures 66 Nig ENT, is a passion project she was able to refine through the Tony Elumelu Foundation Programme in …

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    Racine Sarr

    One of the many ways small businesses can grow is through cross-continental trade, and Senegal’s Racine Sarr is at the forefront of Africa’s growing e-commerce sector. His enterprise, Shop Me Away is a home-grown platform for people to import and export from other continents. For Racine, connecting products to users is a way to support …

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  • Headshot-Placeholder-male

    Norbert Dazogbo

    Norbert Dazogbo is an agripreneur and member of Societe Internationale de Negoce et de Realisation (SINERA). He completed his academic training in France in 1972 as an agronomist.

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  • silhouette headshot women

    Tania Conforte Ismene Attiba

    Tania Conforte Ismene is the founder of Connexences and an entrepreneur in the fruit juice sector and capacity building sector.

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  • Elie Houessou

    DirectPay Group SA is a company founded in 2014 with a capital of 10 000 000 F CFA. The business is an innovative solution that facilitates électronic trade across all online platforms. To this end, it created the OwoPay platform to aggregate all means of payment. In doing so, it maximizes the chain of values …

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  • Nkem Okocha - Mama moni

    Nkem Okocha

    With a mission to eradicate poverty through economic empowerment of poor women, Nkem Okocha set up Mamamoni, a social enterprise that is addressing community transformation by empowering women to carry on small businesses. Loan recipients get low-interest loans in return for signing up for a system designed to create impact on financial inclusion and children’s …

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  • Momarr Taal

    Momarr Taal

    Momarr Mass Taal is the founder and managing director of Tropingo Foods, which is currently the largest processor and exporter of processed foods in the Gambia. Tropingo was founded in 2014 as a food processing company and they currently process and export dried mangoes and groundnuts from Gambia to different places around the world, such …

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