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Christiana Akerele

Christiana Akerele


Kkerele is a Lagos based leather goods business that uses traditional methods and techniques to create leather goods centred around longevity, thoughtful production and impeccable designs. Kkerelé seeks to eradicate the disposable view of fashion items by using traditional and techniques to create leather goods of lasting quality and unique designs that can journey with the wearer from season to season. Each product is handmade by local artisans using traditional methods to achieve lasting quality, thereby challenging the disposable view of fashion items as a slower process requires more time and energy which in turns fosters the longevity of the product. This process allows us to support our values; sustainability, high quality and community. By operating on a made to order basis and in small batches, we steer away from mass production so as to not accrue excess inventory and fashion waste and thus foster the ideology of slow fashion.

We present our designs in a way that resonates with contemporary audience and inspires a greater respect for craftsmanship and by doing this, we are able to influence customer’s values towards fashion consumption by encouraging our customers to value what they buy on a deeper level. Kkerelé leather goods is currently in the growth stage. We’ve gone through the development and market entry stage successfully and noticed that our designs resonate with our target audience. We’ve experienced huge success in such a small period of time, and have become one of the preferred and leading accessory brands in Nigeria and now slowly expanding to other parts of the world. We’ve also been able to achieve a 70% increase in sales from previous years.


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