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Juveline Ngum Ngwa

Juveline Ngum Ngwa


Four million people die annually from indoor smoke pollution caused by traditional methods of cooking – with polluting fires which involves the cutting down of trees for firewood and charcoal. BleagLee is an award-winning enterprise, providing access to innovative clean cooking stove and fuel technology, training, and financing for women to address the challenges of poverty, smoke pollution, and climate change. The Company manufactures and distributes high-quality, affordable cooking fuel and stoves, all made from recycled waste materials that enables cooks worldwide to be energy-efficient, plus the fuel also allows farmers to dry crops and preserve food for up to 6 months. In 2021, BleagLee sold over 140 tons of clean fuel to households and farmers, and started a new manufacturing facility in Cameroon. BleagLee aims to deliver clean energy to over 30,000 new homes in 2022. With new funding, we will continue to build the team, partnerships and structures required to deliver the best cooking products, services, R&D efforts, financing and certified impacts at scale.


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