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Mercy George-Igbafe

Mercy George-Igbafe


LEARNTOR’s goal is to contribute to Africa’s capacity development and advancement through our services and products by digitally upskilling and reskilling Nigerian women and youth to tackle high unemployment rate and unemployability of 46% from 208+ Million population. To develop & empower 0.13% unemployed Nigeria youth and women. We hope to reduce the high poverty rate, tackle hunger, provide quality education and decent work to grow our economy and finally reduce gender inequality in the male dominated ICT sector. LEARNTOR’s unique selling point are our international partnerships and affiliations with globally recognised and sought-after certifications. LEARNTOR has a unique blend of Afro-western curriculum to be the bridge to connect African to the global market, reducing high barrier to entry for economic sufficiency. In 1 year LEARNTOR trained over 1,500+ women and youth in digital marketing, helped certify over 125+ Scrum masters, Data Analysts, and Business Analysts, Produced Microsoft certified trainers with a growing community members of 2,000+.


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