Daily Archives: March 30,2021

  • A Sustainable Approach to Making Impact in Africa

    Despite Africa’s economic growth, the continent still struggles with high unequal distributions of wealth. In a study conducted by WID in 2017, Africa stands out as an extreme income inequality region by international standards, with average incomes of the top 10% about 30 times higher than those of the bottom 50%. Many strategies have been …

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  • Taking the Leap into Entrepreneurship

    with Botswana entrepreneur Nametso Matlhaga Every entrepreneur is familiar with the feeling of trepidation just before taking the leap to begin a new business or become an entrepreneur: Do I have what it takes? Is it worth it? How do I start? Getting through this stage usually requires validating ideas and exploring to understand more …

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  • “My purpose in life is to help other people’s development skills,”- Haythem Dabbabi

    How Robots in Tunisia Are Helping Young African Girls get into STEM It has been predicted that by the next decade, more than 50% of all jobs around the world will be STEM-based (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). Newsflash: It’s already happening! In the midst of lockdowns and social distancing brought on by the pandemic, …

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  • “Perseverance is one of the key elements for running a business,” – Paul Nyambe

    It’s All about a Long-term View If success is the goal, then it can be said that perseverance is the engine. Few individuals are able to achieve great things without first overcoming the obstacles that stand in their way. Many individuals who decided to set out on their own are familiar with the hardest part …

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  • 2021 TEF Entrepreneurship Programme

    What it Takes to Support Women Entrepreneurs in Africa

    Women entrepreneurs continue to experience a high financial gap, less support and lower profits than their male counterparts. According to publicly available research, women entrepreneurs across sub-Saharan Africa continue to earn lower profits than men (34% less on average). To address these, most organisations and countries have recognised the need to target the underlying social …

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  • Putting in the Work to Reset Africa

    As the crisis of the Covid-19 pandemic grew, so did conversations on the recovery plan for the African continent which had relatively been spared the intensity of health challenges but hit hard by the economic challenges which arose as a result of the effects of lockdowns across the world. With several African countries, including South …

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  • High Hopes for the AfCFTA

    The African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) which was established in 2018 to create a single market for goods and services, was set up to promote and expand economic activities by facilitating trade through free movement of people. In March, TEF hosted the Secretary General of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AFCTA), Wamkele Mene, to …

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