• Angele Messa of EduClick Africa

    Angele, 2018 TEF Alumna, created Cameroon’s largest job search engine

    As a child, Angele spent a lot of time away from the classroom due to some health-related issues she faced during her childhood. She relied mostly on her friends and classmates to share their learning materials with her, so she could stay up to date with all that was taught in school. The importance of …

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  • Michel Nkuindja

    Michel Is Driving Africa’s Narrative Through Video Games

    Growing up in an African home, Michel Nkuindja, 2015 TEF Alumna, was lulled to sleep with stories about powerful and impactful women and men on the continent. This was the inspiration behind his company, Noohkema Game Studios, a creative studio that specializes in the production of real-time 3D content. Michel realised very quickly as he …

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  • Emmanuel Nturanyenabo Teebah Film Village

    Emmanuel Nturanyenabo’s TEF Testimonial

    My name is Emmanuel Nturanyenabo, the Founder and Managing Director of Teebah Film Village, a full-service video production company based in Rwanda. I started up Teebah Film Village in July 2017 and since that time, I have been struggling mainly with how to increase sales, and how to improve our product. At some point, I …

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  • TEF Alumni Che Azenyui Bruno

    Agri-Startup Digifarms Africa Tackles Food Security in Cameroon

    Up until December 2017, it was not very clear to Cameroonian entrepreneur Che Azenyui Bruno what exactly he was going to do to support domestic production and domestic consumption of high-quality agricultural products in Cameroon and Africa as a whole. He was particularly concerned and deeply worried about Africa dependence on imported agricultural products and …

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  • TEF Alumni Mauricette Kobozo Yadibert

    How Mauricette Kobozo Yadibert is Driving Inclusivity in the Central African Republic

    In 2004, 11-year-old Kobozo Yadibert Mauricette first became aware of the project that would empower her community and later make her a Tony Elumelu Entrepreneur with her enterprise, WA NZIN A GA ZO. Still so young, she got engaged in scouting, which further inspired her desire to foster community-driven work. She challenged himself with tasks …

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  • TEF Alumni Zedilson Almeida

    Zedilson Almeida: Fact Checking Fake News

    From navigating a news application on his phone to transforming how news is consumed. This is the story of Angolan entrepreneur Zedilson, who found himself in a thinking spot in 2014, having just returned from the United States. His reflections were on how people within the media landscape in Angola engage with news and the …

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  • 5 Young African Entrepreneurs Growing Eco-friendly Businesses on the Continent

    Eco-entrepreneurship is the new fad of startup entrepreneurship, not because of its rising popularity, but its potential to transform our environment, improving the quality of life.  In Africa, green entrepreneurship is gaining significant traction, with more and more young African entrepreneurs seeking innovative ways to solve immediate environmental challenges, while making profits.   Here a …

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  • Lino Munionio: Thriving In The Face Of Adversity

    Little Beginnings Influenced by the living conditions of the people in his immediate environment, Lino Munionio has always longed to improve the lives of the citizens of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Growing up in a town called Kalemie and being the youngest of four children, he got involved in numerous activities which included writing …

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  • Philippe is Creating Impact Beyond Adversary through SPJ

    Factional fighting between the government and its opponents remains a drag on economic revitalization in countries across the world, Central African Republic is not left behind in this as crisis across the country has been longterm and characterised by sporadic surges of violence against a backdrop of state disintegration, a survival economy and deep inter-ethnic …

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