• Chineye Akandu

    My Transition into the Corporate World and Immersion into the 3 Core Values

    We have concluded the first three weeks of classroom learning and training, and I can assure you that I have been fully immersed in the three core values of the group: Enterprise, Execution and Excellence. The Heirs Holdings graduate trainee programme is truly an immersive learning and development programme. It is the second week of the …

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  • Nurudeen Odetayo

    How I got into the Heirs Holdings Graduate Trainee Programme

    Every weekday for the next 3 weeks, I make my way to the top floor of the Heirs Place building. This floor, a glass and tile open plan office space, is where the Tony Elumelu Foundation team carries out their daily activities. A team I am now a part of, courtesy of being part of …

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  • Chimezie Nwosu

    Welcome to TEF, Chiemezie!

    Hey there, If you’re reading this, you should know that I successfully made it through my first week as a Graduate Trainee at Heirs Holdings. And frankly, I feel really special. 18000 applicants and only 61 selected! I mean what are the odds. So before you continue reading my journey so far, please give your …

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  • Chinenye Akandu.

    Heirs Holdings Graduate Trainee: A Dream Come True!

    My brother once told me that the search for a job in Nigeria is a job on its own. I never fully understood what he meant by that until I completed my NYSC programme and embarked on the job-hunting journey. I can vividly recall how worried I was towards the end of my service year; …

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  • It was 2 long months of waiting, but I finally got into the coveted HH Academy

    Yay! I got into Heirs Holdings as a Graduate Trainee. I mean, I’m going to work in Tony Elumelu’s organisation and I’ll probably see him physically. I’ll be chilling with the big boys. For the first six months, I’ll be undergoing both classroom training and on the job training in different subsidiaries across different functional …

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  • Moyo Olisa

    The “Imposter” that stole Christmas

    All my life, I have struggled with imposter syndrome. Growing up, I was always the youngest, the tallest, the scrawniest, and then my adult years took me to new places where I constantly felt out of place and never thought I was qualified to be included.  Imposter syndrome, this crippling, overwhelming and suffocating feeling, has …

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  • Stears Business, How to Create More Jobs in Nigeria

    Tackling Unemployment in Nigeria

    In Nigeria, there are currently only 11 million people between ages 15-34 who are employed, this is a huge challenge as Nigeria is currently the most populous country in Africa.  The absence of sustainable and high-quality jobs makes it such that the ever-increasing youth population is unable to join the labour force. This has ripple …

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  • ICYMI: Tony Elumelu’s Mentoring Session Notes in 11 Vital Subheadings

    On Tuesday, September 5th, 2021, Founder of the Tony Elumelu Foundation, Tony O. Elumelu hosted young African entrepreneurs to the sophomore edition of his quarterly Mentoring Session. The hybrid event was held at the Foundation’s office in Lagos with other participants joining from several African countries. Following the introductions and question and answer session, each …

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  • Logistics Worker Sealing Up Package

    AfCFTA and Logistics in Africa

    A crucial component to the ease of doing business is how easily people can move their goods and services as needed. On average African countries rank between 1.77 and 3.43 out of 5 on the Logistics Performance Index which measures the ease, speed and simplicity of moving goods and services across the continent. This index …

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  • Making the case for Green Entrepreneurship

    As the continent continues to be impacted by rising temperatures, heightening sea levels and a plethora of extreme weather conditions, rethinking socio-economic development is crucial. As the world’s youngest continent and for the future of upcoming generations, it is important to ensure that we are building solutions that are sustainable and address issues of climate …

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