• Breaking Barriers: Overcoming Obstacles and Thriving as a Woman Entrepreneur in Africa

    Every day is a great day to celebrate the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women, but the International Women’s Day is an even better time to recognize their impact and reflect on the progress that still needs to be made. Women entrepreneurs are an essential component of economic development, particularly in Africa, where …

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  • Capacity Building = Continent Building

    Entrepreneurship is crucial to Africa’s economic growth and development. Research has it that, entrepreneurship could be the solution to the continent’s youth unemployment challenge, which is projected to reach 60% by 2030. Business education and training play a vital role in building the skills needed for successful youth entrepreneurship in Africa. The Tony Elumelu Foundation …

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  • Africa’s Passion for Fashion!

    Youth entrepreneurship in fashion in Africa is a rapidly growing industry, driven by the continent’s young and vibrant population, innovative fashion designs, and a growing demand for locally made products. African fashion is becoming increasingly popular worldwide, and young entrepreneurs are taking advantage of this trend by creating unique fashion brands and contributing to the …

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  • Africa! Let’s go Green!

    Climate change and global warming have become major concerns for leaders within the shores of the African continent, and beyond, thus forming a major part of the deliberations at the recently concluded UN Climate Change Conference (COP27) held in Egypt. Africa, despite its low contribution to greenhouse gas emissions, remains the most vulnerable continent to …

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  • Why you should have a mentor

    Youth entrepreneurship is increasingly being recognized as a critical solution to youth unemployment in Africa. However, starting a business as a young person can be a daunting and challenging task. Mentorship and networks play a crucial role in supporting and nurturing young entrepreneurs in Africa. In this thought piece, we will explore the importance of …

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  • Youth Entrepreneurship: The backbone of the African continent

    Africa is a continent with a rapidly growing population and a large number of young people. Research has it that by 2050, Africa’s population is projected to reach 2.5 billion, with more than half of the population under the age of 25. This presents a huge opportunity for the continent, but also a significant challenge …

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  • Fatou Assah

    Fatou Assah

    Fatou Assah is a member of the Advisory Board at the Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF), as well as Global Business Manager, Financial Institutions Group at the international Finance Corporation (World Bank Group, an institution she joined in 2000).  She currently focuses on managing Financial Inclusion, Agriculture Finance and SME programs, structuring innovative products for underserved …

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  • Bozoma Saint John

    Bozoma Saint John

    Ms. Saint John is the chief marketing officer (CMO) at Netflix. Previously, she served as CMO at Endeavor, and chief brand officer at Uber. Saint John was also a marketing executive at Apple Music and PepsiCo. Ms. Saint John graduated from Wesleyan University, with a degree in English and African-American Studies. 3

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  • Chiemezie Nwosu

    There’s Nothing More Incredible in Life Than Reinventing Yourself

    I’m in my final days at the Tony Elumelu Foundation’s Marketing and Corporate Communications department, and I have to say, the journey here so far has been both tasking and exciting. Tasking in the sense that creating social media content isn’t easy stuff, especially for someone like me who isn’t social media savvy; it has …

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  • Tobenna Etumnu

    My Journey to Heirs Holdings as a Graduate Trainee

    It still seemed so surreal reading the mail that I had been selected after I had come to terms with probably not making the cut as I had waited so long to get a response. If anything, it reinforced my belief that with commitment and discipline, you can achieve anything. Tony Elumelu once said, ” …

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