• TEF International Youth Day speakers

    22 Quotes from the International Youth Day with TEF

    Today, we marked the International Youth Day with an event themed “Investing in Africa’s Future: Youth Empowerment through Entrepreneurship” which featured an intellectual discourse on the critical role of the youth in igniting their potential, population, and influence to create mechanisms for sustainable development across the continent. Here are some notable quotes from the event: …

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  • 5 Young African Entrepreneurs Growing Eco-friendly Businesses on the Continent

    Eco-entrepreneurship is the new fad of startup entrepreneurship, not because of its rising popularity, but its potential to transform our environment, improving the quality of life.  In Africa, green entrepreneurship is gaining significant traction, with more and more young African entrepreneurs seeking innovative ways to solve immediate environmental challenges, while making profits.   Here a …

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    Bethelhem Dejene Abebe is the Co-founder and CEO of Zafree Papers, a company that is introducing a 100% tree-free paper pulp made from agricultural waste. Based in Ethiopia, Bethelhem’s company, Zafree makes pulp, paper and paper products 100% free from trees by using agricultural waste as an input instead of wood. The company operates in …

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  • الإعلان الاشتراكي تأجل مؤسسة توني أيلوميلو البرنامج التنظيمي TEF 2020 وملتقى TEF إلى عام 2021

    إستجابة إلى الأزمة الجارية نتيجة وباء فيروس كورونا، الإنسانية الأفريقية التنظيمي الأصل المعروفة بمؤسسة توني أيلوميلو، تعلن بكل صعوبة بتأجيل برنامجها التنظيمي الفوج السادس وملتقى TEF إلى عام 2021. إذا علم أن الصحة العامة والأمان من مهمات الحياة، فليس هناك بد من هذه الفعالية. لكن مؤسسة توني أيلوميلو سوف تجهز بتدريب عبر TEFConnect مجانا ومشاركة …

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  • Shamim Nabuuma Kaliisa

    2020 Forbes Africa 30 Under 30, Shamim Nabuuma Kaliisa is Using Technology to Forge a Better Tomorrow

    Shamim Nabuuma Kaliisa, 24, Uganda Founder and Executive Director of Chil Artificial Intelligence Lab Industry: Artificial intelligence in medicine At only 24, Shamim Nabuuma Kaliisa is an entrepreneur with a background in the medical field. She is also a cancer survivor. But she would rather you call her an entrepreneur, she expresses, as she arrives …

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  • ANNONCE: La Fondation Tony Elumelu reporte le programme d’entrepreneuriat TEF 2020 et le forum TEF jusqu’en 2021

    French | Arabic | Portuguese Dans l’intervalle, la Fondation Tony Elumelu offrira une formation gratuite sur TEFConnect tout en travaillant avec les décideurs, les gouvernements et les institutions de financement du développement pour catalyser un soutien supplémentaire aux entrepreneurs africains post-coronavirus.  TEFConnect hébergera également des informations essentielles sur la pandémie pour protéger la santé et la sécurité de tous …

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  • ANÚNCIO CORPORATIVO: Fundação Tony Elumelu adia o Programa de Empreendedorismo TEF 2020 e o Fórum TEF até 2021

    French | Arabic | Portuguese Em resposta à atual crise resultante da pandemia de coronavírus, a filantropia africana focada no empreendedorismo, a Fundação Tony Elumelu, anunciou a difícil decisão de adiar a 6ª edição de seu Programa de Empreendedorismo e o Fórum do TEF até 2021. Dada a importância primordial de  saúde e segurança pública, infelizmente esse é o …

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  • CORPORATE ANNOUNCEMENT: Tony Elumelu Foundation Postpones 2020 TEF Entrepreneurship Programme and TEF Forum until 2021

    French | Arabic | Portuguese In response to the current crisis resulting from the coronavirus pandemic, the entrepreneurship-focused African philanthropy, the Tony Elumelu Foundation, has announced the difficult decision to postpone the 6th edition of its Entrepreneurship Programme and the TEF Forum until 2021. Given the paramount importance of public health and safety, this sadly is the only …

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  • Safety First, Africa

    The coronavirus is spreading across the world, and the far-reaching implications cannot be quantified yet. Globally, the disease has raised health and economic concerns, amidst others, and a direct hit on Africa, the 2nd most populous continent, could trigger a global nightmare.  This must be avoided. The Tony Elumelu Foundation wants to ensure that Africans …

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  • How Martin Ruga Turned His Kitchen into a Multi-million Dollar Chocolate Business

    Romance is never complete without a candle lit dinner and a bar of chocolate. In particular, chocolates do not only induce romance, but also provide an aura of consolation, relaxation and comfort. For Martin Ruga, though, chocolates are a source of livelihood. This is because the 27-year-old runs a chocolate processing business known as Desserts …

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