• Vèna Ahouansou

    Vèna Ahouansou

    Arielle is a 23 years old medical doctor who has a vocation to enhance the healthcare system in Africa by providing technological solutions through her startup KEA Medicals Pharmaceutics & Technologies. Her start-up currently provides a range of services, including the possibility of consulting a patient’s records online and the creation of a Universal Medical Identity (UMI), …

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  • Hoda Kouakou Steve

    Hoda Kouakou Steve

    While he was at the ideation stage for his business, Hoda Kouakou Steve applied for the Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Programme. Being a part of the programme enlightened him to better understand his idea; structure it and to formalize the company. The seed capital enabled him to launch business activities and conduct various tests on …

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  • Headshot-Placeholder-male

    Norbert Dazogbo

    Norbert Dazogbo is an agripreneur and member of Societe Internationale de Negoce et de Realisation (SINERA). He completed his academic training in France in 1972 as an agronomist.

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  • silhouette headshot women

    Tania Conforte Ismene Attiba

    Tania Conforte Ismene is the founder of Connexences and an entrepreneur in the fruit juice sector and capacity building sector.

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  • Elie Houessou

    DirectPay Group SA is a company founded in 2014 with a capital of 10 000 000 F CFA. The business is an innovative solution that facilitates électronic trade across all online platforms. To this end, it created the OwoPay platform to aggregate all means of payment. In doing so, it maximizes the chain of values …

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  • Jean-Hugues Houinsou

    Jean- Hugues is the Founder of La Vedette,  a media agency in Benin that specialises in social media marketing, search engine advertising and display networks affiliated with Google, website development. Since Jean-Hugues completed the TEF Programme, he has been able to set up a physical location for La Vedette, employ 4 people, develop the targeted …

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  • Vital Sounouvou

    Sounouvou founded Exportunity, a site that promotes export opportunities for Africans by connecting producers with traders. It allows a farmer in Benin to sell his produce to a buyer in South Africa – or the United States – through a cell phone. Through the trade events, Sounouvou has engaged over 750 clients, and built a database …

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