• Seton Oluwabukola

    #TEFALUMNICORNER: “The Goal is to Make Nigerian Rice Global”

    Today on TEF Alumni Corner, we discuss with one of our entrepreneurs from Nigeria, Seton Oluwabukola Oyekemi, she is a highly experienced farmer and seasoned trader and she focuses on farming and exporting of a Unique specie of premium rice called the Ofada Rice.  Q: Can you tell us about your business?  A: My Business Name …

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  • Ababacar Samb

    Ababacar, TEF Alumni, is promoting Agro-ecology in Africa through FAEDA

    In 2017, Ababacar Samb, decided to embark on what will eventually become an impactful entrepreneurship journey with a burning desire to provide sustainable solutions to poverty, youth and women’s unemployment and food, insecurity. This led to him establishing Ferme Agro-ecologique Domou Africa (FAEDA), an agricultural business based in his home country, Senegal. FAEDA is built …

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  • Olasupo Abideen

    Olasupo Abideen Is Changing How Africans Access Cooking Gas

    Olasupo Abideen grew up watching his mother run several businesses. At the time, she was a local trader who sold soft drinks (amongst other provisions) and managed an alternative drugstore that catered to their immediate community. It was this proximity to that enterprising spirit, sometimes manning his mother’s shops, procuring inventory, managing finances, and even …

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  • George Truth

    George Truth on His Life-Changing TEF Experience

    George Truth Chukwudi was driving home one evening in 2015 when a radio jingle caught his attention. The jingle was lively, he recalled, and it was an announcement of Mr Tony O. Elumelu’s plans to empower aspiring and semi-established African entrepreneurs across the African continent through what is now known as the Tony Elumelu Foundation …

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  • Henry Mascot

    Curacel is Addressing Insurance Inclusion in Africa Through Technology

    As of 2019, Africa’s aggregate insurance penetration rate was only 2.78%, compared to the global average insurance penetration rate of 7.23%. This low penetration and adoption of insurance in Africa led Henry Mascot, 2017 TEF Alumnni, to establish Curacel to drive insurance inclusion in emerging markets across the continent. Curacel Systems, an AI-powered claims management …

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  • Kofoworola Oyeleye

    Iyin Creative Is Preserving And Promoting Africa’s Rich Cultural Heritage

    In Nigeria today, priority is placed more on teaching children in English language, as it is the lingua franca of the country. However, this automatically creates a challenge as these children grow into adults who are unable to speak their local dialects and know very little about their cultural heritage. Iyin Creative, an innovative animation …

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  • Olivia Onyemaobi

    Pad-Up Creations is Revolutionising Menstrual Hygiene Management in Africa

    A recent study by UNESCO shows that in Africa, one in every 10 girls misses school when menstruating, mostly because of the inability to afford menstrual products. This has a significant impact on their education and general quality of lives as young girls. Olivia Onyemaobi, 2016 TEF Alumna, is addressing this issue through her business, …

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  • Chibuike Goodnews

    Dochase Is Fast Becoming Africa’s Digital Advertising Backbone

    What had initially started as a sheer love for computing for the fresh University graduate, Chibuike Goodnews, 2015 TEF Alumni and CEO, Dochase, has since grown to become a pan-African data and internet company that facilitates connection between businesses and customers and connects everyday people with products they love, need, and want. Dochase is a …

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  • Edward Neequaye

    Built Accounting Has Impacted Over 5,000 African Businesses

    When asked about his motivation behind the establishment of Built Accounting, 2018 TEF Alumna and Co-founder, Edward Neequaye narrated the story of how he had encountered a large number of young people outside a betting company in a small village of Karaga, in the Northern region of Ghana. “What if these youth can be trained …

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  • Nkem Okocha

    Mama Moni Is Closing The Credit Gap For Low-Income Women

    Nkem Okocha, 2015 TEF Alumnae and Founder of Mama Moni, grew up with a widowed mother who had to raise four children singlehandedly, with no vocational skill or source of income. Living through a childhood where feeding and access to education were major challenges for her family, she was inspired to empower the poor women …

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