• Ndubuise Eze

    Ndubuisi Eze is Revolutionising Agriculture in Africa with Drones

    TEF Alumnus, Ndubisi Eze is on a mission to unlock the potentials of smart farming in Africa through his company, AMIntegrated Aerial Nigeria. He aims to revolutionise agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa by adopting and implementing innovative technologies such as aerial spraying using unmanned aircrafts for precision dispersal of crop stimulants and protectants. Ndubuisi is driven …

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  • Hafiz Adubiaro

    Hafiz Adubiaro, TEF Alumni, Expands Missions To Feed Africa

    Despite the effects on the COVID-19, pandemic, 2015 TEF Alumni and Founder of Adubiaro Farms, Hafiz Adubiaro has recently expanded his 17-hectare farmland by acquiring a 10-acre farm estate to execute his mission to feed Africa and support the regional agricultural ecosystem. Hafiz, through his agricultural business, Adubiaro Farms is on an ambitious mission to …

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  • Building Covid-19 Ventilators in Africa, for the World

    When Hank Debey applied for the TEF Entrepreneurship Programme in 2015, his mission was to provide affordable air services to African farmers who wanted to increase their profits by transporting their crops to distant, more lucrative markets. Hank went to work on Wings4Farmers, producing aircrafts, called levopters, which didn’t rely on fuels and derived their …

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  • TEF Alumni Dare Odumade

    How Blockchain Startup Chekkit is Saving Lives in Nigeria

    Nigerian-born healthcare enthusiast, Dare Odumade, always had inspirations to create solutions to the planet’s key problems using technology. For such big dreams, the fundamental work was to understand these problems and develop a practical means to address them. Down the line, this interest became more tailored and focused on the problems caused by counterfeit medicines …

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  • 5 Young African Entrepreneurs Growing Eco-friendly Businesses on the Continent

    Eco-entrepreneurship is the new fad of startup entrepreneurship, not because of its rising popularity, but its potential to transform our environment, improving the quality of life.  In Africa, green entrepreneurship is gaining significant traction, with more and more young African entrepreneurs seeking innovative ways to solve immediate environmental challenges, while making profits.   Here a …

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  • Coronavirus inventors

    The Coronavirus pandemic has brought out the innovator in many Africans. From automatic hand-washing machine to a solution to connect his community with relevant information and so on, the innovators are helping put the pandemic in check. Mohammed Akamara is Sierra Leonian. His country like many countries in the developing world is home to some …

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  • Chris-Kwekowe, Tony Elumelu Entrepreneur

    Founder who Turned Down Microsoft Job to Grow Startup, Now Expanding to Third Country

    For most software developers getting a job offer from a company like Microsoft is a once-in-a-life-time opportunity that one would literally be crazy to turn down. But this is exactly what 26-year-old Nigerian Chris Kwekowe (pictured above), the CEO and co-founder of Slatecube, did. In 2015, after completing a year of study at the Massachusetts Institute …

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  • Oluseyi Falaye Tony Elumelu Entrepreneur

    Meet Oluseyi Falaye, the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneur Tackling Nigeria’s Power Crisis with Econergco

    Oluseyi Falaye founded Econergco Limited, an eco-friendly energy company with a mission to eradicate energy poverty and eliminate greenhouse gas emissions. The company provides reliable and cost-effective solar energy solutions and efficient lighting services for both off-grid and on-grid electricity consumers. Econergco also runs several programs, including Solar4Health Initiative through which it works with international and local stakeholders …

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  • Meet Caroline Denekombaye, TEFxUNDP Entrepreneurship Programme Beneficiary

    About me My name is Caroline Denekombaye, I am a seamstress but am hearing impaired.  My motivation  In addition to the challenges of getting by in a society that is built for people with hearing ability, deaf people also have to deal with the stigma that society places on them. Job opportunities available to them …

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  • Meet Noubadoum Mayengar, Visually Impaired Beneficiary of TEF-UNDP Entrepreneurship Programme

    Meet visually impaired beneficiary of the TEF-UNDP Entrepreneurship Programme from Chad. Our programme manager caught up with him during the training session last week to ask him a few questions. He shares his story, her challenges and motivation below. Tell us about yourself My name is Dieudonne Noubadoum Rimadoum Mayengar. I am a craftsman specialising in weaving. I …

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