• Meet Esse Okey, Founder of Powerstove Energy

    About Me My name is Okey Esse. I am a 2018 TEF Alumni. I grew up in a home where one parent was a civil servant and the other a successful entrepreneur, so I had the opportunity to learn from the different worlds, each teaching me very vital lessons that prepared me for life. For …

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  • I am Jiraji Kelvin Tersoo, a Farmer and Software Developer

    I am Jiraji I am Jiraji Kelvin Tersoo, a farmer, software developer who has a university degree in Electrical/ Electronic Engineering. I am the eldest son of five children, so I was forced to grow up really fast when my parents divorced in order to support my mother. The responsibility and resulting hardship gave birth …

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  • Meet Nigerian Entrepreneur Who Helps Start-Ups Make Better Decisions

    Here is my story   My name is Rilwan Akeyewale, I am a 29year old Techpreneur! I spent my early life in south-west Nigeria, where I was raised by very enterprising parents who despite having no formal education ensured that I got an education. As a youngster, I watched my father’s business thrive and grow, till …

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  • Olasupo Abideen ” My greatest achievement is being a 25yr old employer who employs 35 people and has trained 475 Others”

    Meet Olasupo I am a 25year old Nigerian entrepreneur, founder/CEO of OPAB Gas with over 6 years of transnational experience leading and working with diverse teams to facilitate youth empowerment, development projects and youth involvement in policy. I am a UNESCO ESD Young Leader, a WEF Global Shaper and a Fellow, Young Africa Leadership Initiative. Since receiving the $5000 Seed …

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  • Ige Komolafe Atiba – “I would like to provide safe drinking water to the remotest African villages”

    First of All, Introduction I am Ige Komolafe Atiba, an inventor and Social Entrepreneur, Co-Founder and the C.E.O of Laughkord Consult and Resources Ltd; a Nigerian grown company incorporated in 2014 with a mission to create a science-backed water derivative for a broad range of domestic and industrial uses. I grew up in a rural …

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  • Serah Kassim, Tony Elumelu Entrepreneur

    Serah Kassim, the Fashionpreneur

    Meet Serah Kassim, the Nigerian Fashionpreneur At the very beginning: My love for fashion was born out of necessity, the need to “slay” on Social Night! As a teenager in boarding school, the Saturday Social Night gatherings were one of the few highlights of my week, I could take time off my studies to have …

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  • Chioma Ogbudimkpa, Tony Elumelu Entrepreneur

    This Tony Elumelu Entrepreneur is Creating a Niche in the Fashion Industry

    Little Lady Seamstress My mum had a fashion house back in the 90s and as a young girl, I was fascinated by the fabrics – the different colors and textures and the embellishments – the feathers and sparkly stones that she worked with so I invited myself into her workshop as a mini-apprentice, piecing together …

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  • Meet Ayobami Adedokun, the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneur Solving Energy Poverty Through Solar Inverters

    Ayobami Adedokun is Solving Energy Poverty Through Solar Inverters

    Meet Ayobami Adedokun, the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneur Solving Energy Poverty Through Solar Inverters How it Started Globally, there is a call for renewable and sustainable energy sources to reduce the irreparable harm done to our environment by the use of fossil fuel and the need to create an alternate source for when fossil fuel runs …

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  • Carine Bokovo: Living Healthy Through Assiba Fée

    Living in Benin Republic, Carine Bokovo was always worried about the nutritional diet of her the people in her immediate community. On approaching adulthood, after seeing firsthand what a deficiency in vitamins can do to the human body, she decided to take it upon herself to tackle this problem both for her family and her …

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  • Mahassin Quadri: The Brilliant Mind Behind CashMadam

    At the recently concluded Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF) forum, a pitching competition was held which gave entrepreneurs around the African continent to pitch their businesses to an expert panel of judges. The founder and CEO of CashMadam, Mahassin Quadri, emerged the winner of this competition. She met with the Tony Elumelu Foundation team to speak …

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