Consumer Products

AFCO Investment Co. Ltd

AFCO, uses unique and highly nutritious raw materials produced by smallholder farmers to address malnutrition in Tanzania.

Ava Group Investments Ltd

Ava Group Investments Limited makes pineapple wine to provide reliable markets and employment opportunities to smallholder farmers and young adults respectively.

Everjoy Foods

Everjoy foods is a value-added food company committed to inspiring and delighting the world through foods and brands that matter

Artisanal Foods

Artisanal Foods is a food processing business with special focus on the value addition of healthy fruits into foods that have more functional uses and more wholesome to consume.

Josmak International (U) Ltd

Josmak provides vulnerable women in rural areas with alternative ways of increasing their household income, food security and family nutrition.

Kayvey Nutri Foods

Kayvey Nutri Foods uses locally grown Raw materials which are available in abundance to produce highly nutritive low cost formulas for the family.


kkerele is a Lagos-based leather goods business that uses traditional methods and techniques to create leather goods centered around longevity.

Little Brown Box by Beebs

Little Brown Box manufactures beauty essentials: Bath and Body Care, Hair Products, and Fragrances, using the purest, hand selected organic ingredients .

Loom Craft Chocolate

We are artisanal cocoa processors with a strong focus on the quality of our products and the sustainability of our processes.

Nafarm Foods

Nafarm Foods processes fresh tomatoes into paste and puree (mix of tomatoes, onions and pepper) and pack in 70gram sachets targeting low income earners.

Ranks Leather

Rank Leather is the pure leather accessories company manufacturing basic leather goods) that are needed for day-to-day living.

Serah Kassim

An afrocentric retail brand that uses Afrocentric clothing to promote African textiles for women, particularly African women in Diaspora.

Uganics Repellents Ltd

Uganics is leveraging everyday household products like soap to make natural, effective and certified mosquito repellent products to combat malaria.

5-A-DAY Dried Fruits

5-A-DAY Dried Fruits aims to fill the market desire for snacks/food products that are both healthy and convenient.


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