Education & Training

Blue Sands Academy

An award winning educational technology institution that creates life changing opportunities and provide career fulfillment for young girls


We collect different types of waste materials from varied sources and transform them into valuable consumer goods.

Jbbling Business Portfolio

Jbbling Business Portfolio has developed a comprehensive learning program for skills development in Cameroonian for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in neighboring countries.


Learntor goal is to contribute our services and solutions to digitally upskill and address Nigeria 45% high unemployment rate.

LegsApparel Nig. Ltd.

We are actively empowering fashion creatives and giving a sense of pride and meaning to the fashion trade industry in Nigeria.

Quiver Group Limited

We help professionals and gain skills and knowledge in project management, monitoring and evaluation, data analysis, and leadership.

Sovise Cook & Bake Nig. Ltd

We are a social impact enterprise that trains and mentors women and girls in modern baking and cooking techniques.

Styda Culinary Academy

We provide professional, convenient and affordable culinary training of international standards.

The Safety Chic Ltd

A child safety social business that develops African-themed safety education products to reduce avoidable accidents affecting African children.

Tonzi Skills Training Centre

An online platform supporting micro-entrepreneurs to develop their entrepreneurial and soft skills in order to improve their access to a decent life.


Tumbu provides trainings in the hospitality business and the event industry, to showcase what Madagascar has best to offer.

Women Smiles Uganda

Women Smiles Uganda provides affordable, reliable and modern training in sustainable vertical farming concepts for underserved women in Africa.


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