Aisha Patient Medicine Store

We are a mix of physical and virtual community pharmacy stores that leverages technology to enhance access to right and correct medications.

Chil Artificial Intelligence Lab

Uses the power of machine learning and AI to aid chronic disease Prevention and Management services.


Dial a Pad

Dial a pad deploys an App, e-commerce platform, & smart sanitary towel dispensers to achieve uninterrupted education for women and girls.


Dromedic links blood suppliers with hospitals—reducing waste, increasing fast blood delivery, while maintaining quality control.


Real time phone consultation between patient and doctors, with language barriers eliminated and a mobile application and website for consultation.

Erith Health Services

Seeks to bring optimal care to patients through the improvement of the safety practices employed by health workers in their line of work.


Kosmotive, a social enterprise that focuses on improving reproductive, maternal and child health in Rwanda and throughout Africa.

McComan Furnishings

At McComan, we make orthopedic products to improve health and wellness whereby nursing mothers breastfeed, workers with long sitting hours and posture dysfunctions sit and pregnant women sleep comfortably.

Natal Cares

Natal Cares is a social enterprise that leverages the power of technology to combat maternal and infant mortality in Nigeria.


OptimumFoodie is an innovative nutrition and fitness company focused on helping individuals build a healthy relationship with the dishes they enjoy.

Promane and Promade Ltd / M'Care App

M’Care is an AI Super App that detects, diagnoses, treats and limits the spread of diseases and outbreaks for low resource settings.

Rossana Health Convoy

Rossana Health Convoy provides health care services like inpatient care, outpatient care, clinical laboratory services and other medical services.

Smoothie Express Limited

Smoothie Express is a health/wellness food and technology company with a goal to be the pre-eminent health and wellness lifestyle company in Africa.

360 Psyche

An online presence (website and mobile app) is convenient for people to access mental health services 24/7.

Waiba Health Services

Health-tech that empowers at-home female healthcare providers to deliver ICT enabled healthcare in rural and low-income urban communities.


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