• Olayinka Bello

    Olayinka Bello

    Olayinka Bello’s entrepreneurial mission was to change the mindset and impression of Nigerians towards Nigerian-made products by using chemistry as a yardstick. His dream of having a footwear brand first occurred at his primary school graduation, when his father bought him a pair of oversized moccasin shoes. As a result of this, he wore the …

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  • silhouette headshot women

    Risikat Temidayo

    On the completion of her undergraduate studies, Risikat Temidayo realized that there was no white-collar job that interested her and as a result, ventured into the business of producing soaps and cosmetics. Her business, Composite Ventures 66 Nig ENT, is a passion project she was able to refine through the Tony Elumelu Foundation Programme in …

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    Racine Sarr

    One of the many ways small businesses can grow is through cross-continental trade, and Senegal’s Racine Sarr is at the forefront of Africa’s growing e-commerce sector. His enterprise, Shop Me Away is a home-grown platform for people to import and export from other continents. For Racine, connecting products to users is a way to support …

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  • African Entrepreneurship Digest (November Edition):

    Nana Amoako-Anin

    Nana Amoako-Anin is the Founder of Bliss Yoga Accra, one of the few full-service yoga studios credited with popularising yoga in Ghana.

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  • Mark Danbaba Jacob

    Mark Danbaba Jacob is an entrepreneur in printing and embroidery services. Having faced the challenges of lack of specific equipment, Mark applied for the TEF Entrepreneurship Programme in other to buy an embroidery machine to meet the demand of our customers. Currently, Mark’s company M.J Danbaba Global Links Limited is expanding operations to a second …

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  • Chimezie Nicholas Chukwunta

    Chimezie Nicholas Chukwunta is the founder of 4Figure, a company working on the prototype of the first cross-cultural communications-and-learning app in Nigeria. He has been able to catalogue about 30 basic phrases from 10 Nigerian languages including but not limited to Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba. They are also cataloguing more than 30 Nigerian delicacies and trivia questions …

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  • Uchenna Agbo

    In 2019, Uchenna Agbo got admitted into the TEF Entrepreneurship Programme with Nollywood Insider, a business idea he decided to explore as an offshoot of his main company Okike Media. After going through the Programme, Uchenna pivoted into an application that provides a digital village where creatives can meet with hiring companies and get hired …

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  • Shadrach Akpan

    Shadrach Akpan is the founder of Wheatstone Gates, a company devoted to providing clean and affordable solar energy solutions to Households and Companies across Nigeria. The company says they were able to generate a revenue of N4,300,000 between Jan 2020 – June 2020, with N3,900,000 generated as revenue within May 2020 and June 2020, a …

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  • Harun Abubakar Ibrahim

    Harun Abubakar Ibrahim is the founder of Haigha Tech, a company that provides a one-stop automated solution for trade and industry. The company caters to various sizes and fields of organizations with different products and services to meet their preferred requirements. Haigha Tech began its business operation as a hardware and software solutions providing company …

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  • Adebimpe Oni

    Adebimpe Oni is the founder of D’Rose recycling, an eco-friendly company that upcycles solid waste like old tyres, bottles, plastics into recycled furniture suitable for homes, offices, playgrounds, studios, etc. Adebimpe Oni’s company seeks to address the challenge posed by the tons of plastics and tyres which end up in the ocean on a yearly basis …

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