• Agbor Ashumanyi  Ako

    Agbor Ashumanyi  Ako

    Agbor  Ashumanyi  Ako is one of the co-founders of  GiftedMom, a digital health platform based in Cameroon that gives pregnant women and mothers across Africa access to vital health information and care. As a digital-first platform, GiftedMom is able to expand faster than traditional health care systems and the start-up aims to reach 10 million women in …

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  • Vèna Ahouansou

    Vèna Ahouansou

    Arielle is a 23 years old medical doctor who has a vocation to enhance the healthcare system in Africa by providing technological solutions through her startup KEA Medicals Pharmaceutics & Technologies. Her start-up currently provides a range of services, including the possibility of consulting a patient’s records online and the creation of a Universal Medical Identity (UMI), …

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  • Melissa Bime

    Melissa Bime

    Melissa Bime is the founder of Infiuss — an online blood bank Bime started in December 2017. In the year since its launch, Infiuss’ motorbikes have delivered more than 2,300 bags of blood to patients at 23 hospitals in Yaoundé and Douala. Before Infiuss, access to blood was a dilemma for both physicians and patients …

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  • Jubril Odulana

    Jubril Odulana is a medical doctor and the founder of Doctoora, a real estate company in healthcare operating an online marketplace for health-related products and services. His company, Doctoora, is focused on increasing access to quality healthcare by enabling health professionals setup private practice with ease and connecting patients, to these quality healthcare practitioners. His …

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  • Angelo Octavio

    Angolan entrepreneur Angelo Octavio decided to delve into the Healthcare sector to manufacture a new kind of disposable gloves (latex powder-free, Vinyl, Nitrile), in order to ease the high demand of hospital ready-to-use materials in Angola, and hopefully contribute to the decrease of public health risks experienced in public hospitals. His company, AAEI Empreendimentos Lda …

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  • Chidi Ohammah, CEO of Sevenz Healthcare

    Chidi Ohammah

    With the lockdown implemented across Africa and the world, Nigerian-based Chidi Ohammah, CEO of Sevenz Healthcare and a Tony Elumelu Foundation entrepreneur devised an innovative way for people to get tested from the comfort of their homes. With KompleteCare’s team of over 15,000 doctors and technology, individuals can easily check for symptoms of COVID-19, undergo a …

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  • Dr. Adereni Abiodun

    Dr. Adereni Abiodun is the founder and CEO of HelpMum on a mission to reduce maternal and infant mortality in Nigeria. During the covid-19 pandemic, HelpMum began the distribution of 10,000 face masks to nurses and traditional birth attendants in primary health centres and rural areas, as well as pregnant women and nursing mothers in …

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  • Henry Mascot

    Africa’s insured population stands at just 2% of 1.2billion people. To drive up the numbers, Co-founder/CEO of Curacle Systems, Henry Masco is focused on insurance inclusion in emerging markets across the African continent. Curacel Systems, an AI-powered claims management and fraud detection system for health insurers is helping insurers reduce fraud, fast-track claims processing while …

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  • Barbara Kamba-Nyathi

    Barbara Kamba-Nyathi

    Barbara Kamba-Nyathi is an author, social psychologist, inspirational speaker, mediator, poet, entrepreneur, and lifestyle and wellness coach. She is a two-time TEDx speaker and the co-founder and CEO of Bold Dialogue Investments P/L, an organisation that aims to empower, inspire and guide women to become the best versions of themselves. Bold Dialogue creates an atmosphere …

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  • Runcie c.w. Chidebe

    Runcie C.W. Chidebe

    Runcie C.W. Chidebe is the founder of Project PINK BLUE, a cancer-fighting venture in Nigeria, connecting cancer patients and communities to cancer diagnosis, treatment and care providers. Since completing the TEF Programme, Project Pink Blue has directly impacted 1,235 women and men through screening and enlightened over a million people in Africa through Radio, Television …

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