Success Stories

Osakwe Chukwunonso is Building An African Manufactured Hybrid Vehicle

As the world moves rapidly to electric and autonomous vehicles and renewable energy, developing clean energy like solar and wind energy is widely seen as a way to ensure sustainable development while protecting the environment. However there remains a huge gap in Africa in the preparation to fully embrace clean energy with a lot of […]

Soji Megbowon: The Village Teacher Aiding Retention Through STEM tools.

As a teacher, Tony Elumelu Entrepreneur, Soji Megbowon (2016, Education) had seen students at every educational level with difficulty retaining information. Even with efforts from government and organisations to improve the situation and make learning concrete through curriculum strengthen and the development new and several policies seems not hit the base of this problem. Nigeria for […]

Vitumbiko Zgambo: The Vegetable Farmer Leading by Example

Farming has an unglamorous image across Africa even though Agriculture accounts for more than 30% of the continent’s GDP and employs more than 60% of its working population. But this outlook to Agriculture might be changing soon with new players, introduction of technology and an ongoing wide embrace by younger players in the sector. One […]

Njavwa Mutambo is Powering the Future of African Logistics, Through Musanga

Setting up a business in Africa is hard. Entrepreneurs face capital problems and it is hard to get access to mentors. Through the TEF Entrepreneurship programme 3,000 entrepreneurs have had a lifeline, benefitting from the training, networking, mentorship and funding support through seed capital all of which is required for business success. One of the […]

Here’s how Edmond Nonie is supporting rescue efforts in Sierra Leone

Early in the morning on August 14, 2017, after three days of torrential rainfall, devastating floods and mudslides occurred in and around Sierra Leone’s capital city, Freetown. As of August 20, the number of confirmed deaths is 499; hundreds of others are missing and feared dead. More than 3,000 people have been left homeless and […]

Amani Katana is Making Waste a Resource Through Garb Tech

Few weeks ago, Amani Katana was part of the 1,000 Young African Leaders in Washington DC who listened to Founder, Tony O. Elumelu, CON share his journey through life and business. Amani says he could relate with the journey “He’s story resembles the stories of many successful entrepreneurs. Likewise, When I started my waste management […]

Nasir is tackling security challenges through technology

After personally witnessing mayhem and pandemonium during crisis like ‘Bamuso’ in 1988, various forms of ‘Shi’ites’ clashes between 1990-2005, ‘Sunni-Shi’a’ clashes as a result of killing very young and famous cleric called ‘Dan’maishiya’ and many other battles between ‘Area Boys’ gangs that results in loss of lives and properties, Nasir Abubakar Daniya became so fearful […]

A Healthy Living is not Always a Smooth Ride but Smoothie Express has Changed This

In 2014, Omowunmi Akande’s partner and Co-Founder Smoothie Express Tracy had been trying to get on a smoothie detox with a goal of losing weight at the time but It was difficult keeping up with her detox as she had to wake up early to prepare her smoothies before leaving for work. Tracy struggled with […]

TEF 2015 Entrepreneur Lawan is Solving the Need for a Healthy Poultry Product

In 2013 Lawan Usman Ali was to celebrate his son’s birthday but and he faced with a NEED and then, a CHALLENGE. The need to find healthy and neatly processed poultry meat. The challenge? There were not many outlets where he could purchase this. This made him go through the process of buying live chickens […]

TEF Made Me Dream Africa – Frank Mugarura, TEF Hub Lead Rwanda.

March 22nd 2016, Selection announcement was a memorable days for Frank Mugarura on his journey as a Tony Elumelu Entrepreneur but that cannot be compared to the excitement of been bestowed the mantle of leadership as Rwanda Hub Lead of Tony Elumelu Entrepreneur. Frank’s passion for entrepreneurship started early from his University days he says […]