Market Places

African Things

African Things designs and produces a wide range of African inspired products to all kinds of wholesale customers both in Nigeria and overseas.

Farmatrix Agro Allied and Technology Company

Farmatrix uses a web platform that utilizes artificial intelligence and customer purchasing algorithms to connect buyers and farmers in real time.

Ibeez Gems

Ibeez Gems is an indigenous female led furniture company that produces affordable customized, ready to assemble home and office furniture with a special focus afro-centric furniture and reupholstery.


MyFoodyshop is an online grocery store that allows you to shop for fresh foodstuff from the comfort of your home.

Nyayo Moms Sokos Ltd

A one-stop E-Commerce platform that will host all our vendor listing, paid downloadable resources and women professional listing.

ORIKI Global & Synergy Ltd

ORÍKÌ Group is the first and only all-natural farm to skin brand in Nigeria to operate a luxury spa chain coupled with its own product line.


SourceMyGadgets is a platform-based solution creating personalized services that meet the end-to-end needs of consumers and fragmented suppliers.

Shanyi Organics

Shanyi Organics is a holistic clean beauty and wellness brand that is rooted in the diverse, rich ingredients with healing properties found in Africa.

The Everything Kids Online

Everything kids is an AI driven E-commerce marketplace for baby and kids products integrated with an online community for parents and expecting mothers.

ZAAF Collection

ZAAF is a collection of handcrafted leather goods & accessories proudly produced in Africa from the finest materials beautifully integrated with ageless patterns created on traditional looms.




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